Jason Powers

Vice President, Controller

Jason Powers is the VP and Controller for Lodging Capital Partners.  Mr. Powers’ primary role with LCP is the oversight of all financial controls and reporting.

Prior to joining LCP, Jason has had over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate Accounting and Finance industry. One of the world’s leading investment managers LaSalle Investment Management hired Mr. Powers as a Senior Accountant in 2004 where he arose to the level of Assistant Controller before seeking other opportunities in financial consulting and residential real estate sales in 2013. Mr. Powers joined LCP in June 2015 where he apprenticed under Harry Oppenheimer LCP’s retiring SVP Controller. Mr. Oppenheimer was LCP’s initial controller and mentored Mr. Powers until his retirement in April 2016. What Mr. Powers loves most about working at LCP is the talent, work-ethic and quality of the people. It is truly a team atmosphere where he is allowed the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish.

Mr. Powers received a B.S. in professional accounting from Western Michigan University and is a CPA.